Monday, June 29, 2009

Participate in an action today!!

I am asking friends and family to participate in my work for peace in one of four ways:

1.) Become a monthly donor to the Peace Alliance by pledging a minimum of $10 a month for the next 12 months. This ensures that the Peace Alliance will be able to sustain itself in the coming year. (more about becoming a Peace Partner here.)

2.) At the same time, I recognize the economy is, at best, not so hot. Therefore, if you feel like a monthly commitment is unrealistic for you at this time, I ask that you consider giving a one-time donation of an amount that you feel comfortable with.

Your donations support the Peace Alliance in many different ways:

For some of us (myself included), a monetary donation just isn't possible.

3.) Instead, I hope that you can donate a half hour of your time to hand write and send a letter to your Senators, asking them to support the Department of Peace and Nonviolence and to introduce the legislation in the Senate. You may also choose to write a thank-you note to representatives who are currently co-sponsoring the bill. Tips on how to do this will be included in a later post, or you can contact me directly.

4.) If a half hour is just too much, I hope you can find seven minutes to call your Senator's office and let their staffers know that you support HR 808 (a bill to create a Department of Peace and Nonviolence) and that you hope they will consider introducing the bill into the Senate. Alternately you can send a fax through the Peace Alliance website, directly to your representatives office.

WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO DO IS RIGHT FOR YOU AND FOR ME. All I ask is that you join me in one of the four ways suggested here and consider sharing the experience in the comment sections of this blog, or with me via email or phone.

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